So often in working with clients I hear things like “this is just the way I’ve always been” or “It’s such a mess I wouldn’t even know where to start, so why bother”. It saddens me as adults we so often come to just accept that things are just the way they are. We might think there’s a way for things to be better, but we’re not convinced it’s for us, that we have enough time, or that we’re the “type” to have what we desire. We’ve often gone too long not having what we really want and have grown accustomed to “good enough” being the what’s expected.

Advertisers work hard to convince us if we get their product we will be better, we will be happy. Deep down, we know we’re probably not really better… we’ve simply been distracted and are aware that the things we seek for pleasure are only temporary…. all to leave us in the same state they found us in after the initial high wears off.

Don’t get me wrong I LOVE many products, I want and need a lot of things that I know make my life more convenient, that I enjoy and appreciate, but at the CORE of me…. It’s Me. If I’m not happy with me without those things, then we have a problem.  Same goes for you.  

Low set points often are reflective of how we think about ourselves and our overall self worth. We’re sending the message to the world and people around us by how we live and organize our life. We’re attracting more of what we have living on autopilot with no intention or purposeful action to make things different, which becomes a vicious cycle of repeated disappointment in the areas we want to change. Our negative thinking that allows this settling to occur comes with a HUGE price tag that we might not even realize we’re paying.

What is this low set point costing you exactly?


Your sanity

Your clarity

Your potential

Your productivity

Your effectiveness

Your happiness

You motivation

Your outlook on life

Just to name a few!!

What is it you’ve come to accept as your “normal” aka your set point. You have a messy house, you sometimes pay your bills on time and sometimes don’t, you struggle to find things you need on a daily basis, you get frustrated with your stuff everywhere but never do anything about it? You start things, but never finish. You deal with the same frustrations day after day, bottle up your feelings, and chalk it up as “life”.  You question why you can’t seem to get it together and have chronic thoughts there’s something wrong with you.

NO….. Hell NO…. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with you.  It’s called being human.  


You are awesome and amazing and simply need to raise your STANDARDS.


You’re sick and tired of being sick and tired… I get it. I can help you with that!


What if living from the standpoint of your standards became your new norm rather than operating from your current set point?

Take a moment to consider your standards.  Do you have any?  What are you not willing to tolerate?  What is a nonnegotioable for you?  


Take a moment to consider your current set point.  What is your everyday norm?  What is default mode for you?  Is your current set point equal with your standards? 

Perhaps not.  


Make your standards nonnegotiable and ask yourself the hard questions:


What is it going to take for me to live from a place of high standards?

What personal and professional boundaries do I need to have in place to live from my standards?

What do I need to change?

What habits do I need to implement to raise my game?

What do I need to release that’s preventing my standards from being at the forefront? 


This isn’t a one and done kinda thing, but with a conscious effort to live from a place of your standards vs always hanging out at your set point, you’re much more likely to hit the goals you’re after than not!!  

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Till next time 🙂