I’m Laurie, therapist, life coach, and busy working mom with lots to juggle, so I understand the importance of keeping things simple and streamlined for our sanity and survival. 

We put ourselves at risk by giving every ounce of our soul to work- all to be left with very little at the end.  There’s no reason we can’t be on our own priority list AND serve in the way we desire.

Ultimately, my dream is to help YOU learn to love your life again.  I show you how to live, love, and lead without all the stress and burnout while having way more FUN along the way.  


 I don’t pretend to know it all…

 I am most certainly NOT perfect myself… 

But what I do know is after 20 plus years working in mental health… we as humans are suffering and often are our own worst enemies.  We’re all hustling to try and keep up and our heads above water.  I was no different, but when I decided that wasn’t good enough and really slowed down to take a look at my life…. everything changed. 

  • I stopped breaking promises to myself over and over 
  • I stopped overthinking things to death 
  • I stopped thinking “why me?
  • I started taking responsibility for the results in my life
  • I quit being confused, overwhelmed, and anxious about things I couldn’t control
  • I learned to go out of my comfort zone
  • I learned to manage my mind 
  • I cleared unnecessary clutter internally and externally
  • I started a gratitude journal and never stopped
  • I learned to trust myself 
  • I committed to doing hard things 
  • I stopped talking so hateful to myself
  • I learned how to be okay when things weren’t perfect
  • I stopped waiting for “the right time”
  • I committed to stop wasting time
  • I  invested in coaching to see my blindspots/ to reach my goals.
  • and so much more that I believe helps me more fully understand YOU.  



  • You wonder where all the time goes… 
  • You don’t know where to start
  • Your bad habits keep you up at night scared about what will happen if you don’t stop
  • You’re exhausted and energy comes and goes
  • You’re disorganized/ easily distracted/ and struggle to focus
  • You have tons of self doubt/ anxiety/ and worry that bogs you down
  • You’re on the verge of losing it/ in tears/ or raging on the regular
  • You serve others in a powerful way, but you’ve lost the love for it
  • You’re often indecisive 
  • You put on a happy face that feels fake
  • You feel like you have too much on your plate
  • You have no clear plan to achieve your goals
  • You struggle to follow through
  • You don’t walk your talk 
  • You take out your frustration on your loved ones.
  • You worry a lot about what others think about you
  • You’ve forgotten how to have FUN
  • You dread getting up in the morning
  • You have a lot of pent up anger/ frustration/ disappointment
  • You numb out and waste time 
  • You’re more cynical and critical than you’d like to be
  • You don’t have a clear vision or plan for your future 
  • You wonder if the work is worth is anymore
  • You judge yourself and others harshly
  • You complain a lot
  • You struggle to delegate or release control 
  • You ruminate on worst case scenario
  • You know you’re stuck but you don’t know what to do about it
  • You’ve forgotten how to follow your heart
  • You think you should “know better”  and should have been able to figure things out by now
  • You’ve put your personal life on the back burner
  • You believe you’re too busy to have the life you desire.  



Future you is waiting on you to say YES!

You’re one decision away from changing your life.  


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      “Don’t die with your music still in you” –  Dr. Wayne Dyer