I invite you to take a moment and consider your definition of FUN.


Does it mean to do something daring and exciting?


Does it only happen when you’re involved in something leisurely?


Does it sound like something you can’t have in your everyday life?


Does it only happen unexpectedly or can FUN be planned or expected?


Typically when I used to think of FUN it would be….Girls nights.. movies… tacos… family time… playing with my kids… date night with my hubby… traveling… etc.  But having FUN doing other everyday things… wasn’t really something I intentionally focused on until I started a gratitude journal.


I had heard, I don’t know how many millions of times, people who had started a gratitude journal and it changing their life.  I considered myself an overall pretty happy and positive person… but if there was a way to be even more… I wanted to give it a try.  I logged onto amazon.. bought a gratitude journal for my husband at Christmas and told him … this year… we’re doing it!  And we did.


It was easier for me than it was for him… but he’s been a trooper.  I’d look forward to opening the book to see what he had written for the day and vice versa.  It kept us connected in the details that would often get missed in the hustle and bustle of life, carpools, and errands.


I started in with all the predictable stuff… but as they say.. if you’re not creative, the gratitude practice will become stale too… so I made a conscious effort to really start paying attention in my life to things that made me smile throughout my day.  And in making a conscious effort to make myself smile… I also ended up having more FUN as a result.


So often we’re waiting to have FUN…


We wait until the weekend where we can let loose


We wait until there’s something going on, and in the meantime we just do our usual ho hum routine and forget to find the FUN in what we’re doing everyday.


We wait until someone else is available to do it with us when there are opportunities around us everyday inviting us to celebrate, smile and have fun.


I guess working with kids over the years has shaped my thoughts on this a bit.. and I feel like I have something to share when it comes to this topic.  I see adults “adulting” and missing out on sooooo much… by overthinking… overanalyzing… getting defensive… being judgmental… criticizing… worrying about everyone else and who’s to blame…what needs to happen next… figuring it all out… instead of simply being focused on ways to be more present.


I KNOW I don’t have all the answers…


I KNOW people have their own opinions and mine is that misery loves company so I work EXTRA hard at avoiding all of it.

So in an effort to SIMPLIFY…… (What I’m all about!) my one intention everyday is to have FUN!  (There’s much more to my daily intention… but I’ll keep it at that for now… because I truly believe if you focus solely on that… the rest will work itself out!)

I’ve redefined FUN and if it’s a fit for you… be sure to like our page because you probably belong in the DIVA crew!!


DIVAS have


F:  Find something in every moment that will make me laugh, smile, grow, appreciate or expand


U:  Understand it’s up to me to create my own happiness and reality


N:  Now.. not later… not someday when… but NOW!

No more waiting my friend…. 🙂

Thanks for being here… Let us know you’re committed to having fun too!! Share with us on FB something that made you smile today!!




Till next time…