1. Do only what you truly want to do:  

Stop going to parties you don’t want to go to.  Stop giving gifts you feel obligated to give. Stop keeping up with traditions that stress you out more than make you happy.  Take a few moments to acknowledge what’s truly important to you during the holiday season and consider what things you do more so out of obligation than for true joy/ pleasure.  Commit to eliminating the things on that list you don’t truly enjoy or appreciate.

2.  Spread the Love:

Perhaps giving to a charity or donating your time to those less fortunate sounds more appealing than giving more gifts to those who want for nothing.  It’s unfortunately become a societal norm to overspend, overconsume, and overindulge during the holidays. Be willing to research opportunities that mean something to you vs just going with the thought “because that’s the way we’ve always done it”.  Go outside of your comfort zone and do something different.. Create new traditions giving back.

3.   Indulge in Free or low key:  

Make a celebration out of Christmas movies, cocoa, and popcorn/ Driving around to look at Christmas lights/ Baking cookies at home/ Board games in the living room/ Christmas craft keepsakes…Holiday music/ singing/ and other holiday experiences that are free or low cost.  

4.  Create a gratitude practice: 

This goes year round, but I love starting new traditions this time of year.  During the holidays is a perfect time to start a tradition of being grateful that inspires new ways of thinking and appreciating the things we have in life.  Sit down with family and have everyone write down in a collective gratitude journal happy memories and things you’re all grateful for.

5.  Refuse to go into debt or further debt:  

According to an article on MaginifyMoney.com, “65.2% — of consumers who took on debt did so unexpectedly this year, and didn’t budget for the extra expenses.  Less than one-quarter of those surveyed said they can pay off their debt within one month. Nearly half (46%) predict they’ll need four months or more to pay off their holiday debt, or will only make the minimum monthly payments.”  Your loved ones don’t want you to go into debt to buy them something! Trust me… but we as a society have made discussing finances a taboo thing and unfortunately spending money we don’t have is considered the norm. Honesty is the best policy here.  Suggest doing a family/ friend event in option 2 or 3 above and celebrate the true meaning of Christmas with those you love.

6.  Self Care:  

What makes you enjoy the holidays?  Be sure to fit those things in that lift you up and make you sparkle and shine with joy from the inside out.  These can be but aren’t limited to those special treats you do for yourself like a dinner with friends/ bubble bath, or a long walk, but can also be those to do list items you’ve been putting off that if you stopped tolerating and addressed, would make you feel amazing!!  Slow down, chill out, be present and enjoy!

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