1. You’re sick of the struggle:    You’re sick and tired of the same ol problems surfacing over and over.  You want more, you think about it, you’ve made enough excuses and you’re tired of the same ol game.  You’re ready to think outside the box and get it done!


  1.  You want more time: You’ve seen yourself go down the rabbit hole of chaos too many times to not know what’s coming if there’s not a change.  Losing time due to lack of planning, sense of being out of control, always behind the 8 ball. You’re ready to create a new normal and experience life in 2019 in a new, fresh, clean, organized way.  


  1.  You want to be more present: You sense your chronic distraction/ Your inability to focus with things here there and everywhere.  You want to appreciate and be grateful but you’re too distracted/ busy/ overwhelmed to actually appreciate the moment.  


  1.  You have Goals:  Goals?? Not resolutions, but bucket list items you want to get to… Dreams you forgot about or that are so covered up with all the “stuff” you’ve forgotten what they were exactly.  Things you want to do in your life and you know deep in your heart there’s so much more possibility for you. The time is now….


  1. You Long for Less:  Life is busy… you find yourself caught in the hustle and bustle of everyday life wondering if this is what life is all about… playing catch up nonstop.  There’s so much to juggle with the calendar… errands… chores… work… just overall life responsibilities it just all seems a little much. Perhaps you’re ready to start saying no more… you’re ready to release things that no longer serve you or your bigger vision… You’re ready to declutter, quiet the noise, and take charge of your life.  


If you’re on board with me here…..  


Join us for our FREE Virtual DIVAS Declutter Power Hour January 6th 2019. At 4PM Central  


It’s gonna be so fun!!