1.  You get an opportunity to think about your dreams. 

How often do we as women get a chance to dream? We’re usually running around like crazy people trying to get all “the things” done.  Taking some time to map out what you envision for your future is self care many people simply just don’t make time for. Don’t let that be you!

2.  You create something to reflect on and anchor to daily.  

Like anything, we think we’re going to remember and yet… days… often moments later… we don’t!.  If it’s not written down or somewhere you can see it’s probably long gone from your conscious mind.  Give yourself the gift of something to look at and inspire goal driven decisions everyday.

3.  You may not even really know what you desire in your life.

So often we blame our life not being the way we want it to be because we don’t have enough time… but the scary thing is we may not really even know what we want.  Not knowing is totally normal…because dreaming, like any other skill takes practice. It’s okay to settle into that inner child who used to dream and ask her for some guidance. With an invitation she just may come out to play and surprise you 🙂  

4.  You’re solidifying a new way of thinking by doing a vision board. 

This isn’t a one and done kind of thing. You’re approaching new waters by allowing yourself to think about what’s possible.  You’re inviting opportunity in and getting the chemistry in your brain to shift by creating new neuropathways vs relying solely on the same tapes that have been running in your mind forever.  

5.  You’re worth it.  

You’re an achiever… you’re a doer… and you get things done.   You know what it takes to accomplish your goals… you’re not new to motivated thinking.  But vision board stuff… well… eh… might feel a little “soft” or “woo woo”.  Imagine just upping your game in a new and amazing way.


If you’re interested in what’s possible for you and how to create a vision board that excites and motivates you to create more in your life… I’ll be hosting an online workshop in early 2019 to get us rollin on our dreams pronto in the new year.



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