1. Be spontaneous

Get out of your routine… do something different/ fun to mix up your day

  1. Go out of your comfort zone

Do things you’re not perfect at/ Laugh at yourself

  1. Give people the benefit of the doubt

Assume people are doing their best and remember everyone is fighting a battle.  No benefit in thinking otherwise

  1. Forgive

Be quick to forgive yourself and others.  Don’t be the person that holds grudges or stews over things

  1. Laugh

Have Fun everyday.  Watch a funny show/ video that makes you smile/ Play with your kids

  1. Be present

Focusing on the here and now prevents you from worrying about the future or being angry about the past.  

  1. Be awesome

Focus on doing what you’re great at and let it come effortlessly/ focus on mastering what you’re awesome at.  

  1. Smile

Be a loving light in the world- extend kindness even when people don’t “deserve” it just because

  1. Relax

Just veg out… don’t worry about your to do list, what you should do, sometimes it’s fine to change plans and rest cuz you need to.  

  1. Breathe

Focus your breathing for a few minutes.  Deep long breaths both in and out. Use an app to guide you if you need.  

  1. Get inspired

Find decor that makes your spaces cozy/ feel good

  1. Light a candle

Pick a scent that puts you in a good mood.  If not a candle some incense or essential oils in a diffuser.   

  1. Listen to music

Find music that picks you up/ soothes you when you’re stressed/ makes you feel good.  Create different playlists to pop on depending on your mood. (Relaxation/ pump me up/ spiritual/ etc)

  1. Take a walk

Get outside.  Look at the beauty nature has to offer and soak it all in girlfriend

  1. Doodle

Draw/ color/ make it bright/ make different shapes- Let it help you focus.  

  1. Journal

Keep a gratitude journal… It’s THE ULTIMATE game changer friend.  I promise. 3 things a day. GO!

  1. Declutter

Get rid of things that don’t inspire you and clean up messes that leave you feeling stressed out. You’ll feel like a rockstar after getting in the groove of clean up!  

  1. Learn

Find something you’re interested in and go learn about it.  Audiobooks/ Blinkist/ podcasts/ videos on how to play guitar/ scrapbook/ mindfulness… the list goes on.  Keep it fresh my friend 🙂

  1. Be still

In the hustle and bustle of life it’s hard to slow down and be still.  Find quiet pockets of time to be quiet/ still and in the moment without an agenda.  

  1.   Lighten Up… it’s all gonna be okay 

Does all that anger/ worry ever really serve you?  No!  So… skip it.