1.  Coaches help create a vision / establish goals

Your goals/ dreams may be lingering in your mind somewhere but actually teasing them out and nailing down what you truly want in your life is the starting point to it becoming a reality.  

2.  Coaches help recognize and eliminate limiting beliefs

Understanding your thinking is where it all begins.  We often think we just need to “DO” things differently when, in fact, it all starts in our mind and our thinking.  Becoming acutely aware of thoughts that are holding you back is essential in learning to make more powerful decisions in the direction of your dreams.   

3.  Coaches help establish a strategic game plan 

Good intentions get us nowhere… we’ve often learned that the hard way too many times.  Being able to solidify a plan with your coach on a regular basis and commit to action items is a sense of security we typically don’t take the time to create or adhere to on our own.  

 4.  Coaches help maintain motivation and momentum

 How many times have you made promises to yourself and fallen short of the goal.  Having accountability with a coach to help maintain your motivation is what enables you to manage the discomfort required to not give up on your goals over and over again.  

5.  Coaches help create confidence and new efficient healthy habits

Once momentum is gained and traction is achieved, unhealthy/ toxic habits become outdated and a new norm can emerge.  Your status quo becomes a thing of the past while personal growth and development is at an all time high. Not to mention you feel like a Rock Star following through on what you said you’ve always wanted to do!  

6.  Coaches help face fears/ think outside the box

With confidence in place, facing fears is just part of the process.  Putting yourself out there, trying new things, brainstorming new possibilities, thinking from an entirely new perspective allows continued creativity, abundance, and possibility to more readily flow into your life.  

7.  Coaches teach self compassion and forgiveness 

Coaching teaches you that self loathing and hatred towards self or others gets you nowhere.  They teach you a kinder more loving approach to change that feels good. You’re operating with a new vibration and embrace and love the former you who didn’t know any better, but cared enough to give coaching a chance.  She went for it… and you’re grateful to her for her suffering and hard work she went through to reach new levels in your life.    

8.  Coaches remind what it means to be human and screwing up is just part of the process.

Instead of allowing slip ups along the way stop your journey all together, coaches compassionately remind you it’s part of the process and the recovery time can be minimal with little downtime.  Therefore, this allows one to be more resilient and forgiving with oneself when step backs occur. 

9.  Coaches hold space to do deep work and help clients get out of their own way.

We are often our own worst enemies.  We so readily expect other people to change, yet when we try and change ourselves, we quickly realize how difficult that truly is.  Having someone in our corner available to remind us of our blind spots/ negative thought and behavior patterns elevates possibility allows us to take full advantage of living our one and only life.  

10.  Coaches are doing their own work 

A good coach is walking their own talk.  They are investing in their own personal coaching and are committed with integrity to the profession.  It’s always helpful to have a mentor who knows exactly what you’re going through.  

11.  Coaches call #bullshit 

Coaches are not afraid to “go there” with their clients.  They want you to have amazing results and know you hired them to help you do so.  They lovingly call things out that are not in alignment with the goals and ensure their clients are equipped with what is necessary to kick ass and achieve their desired results.  You don’t hire a coach to tell you what you want to hear.  

12.  We get one life

We get one life… We get one chance to spend the time we’re provided.  You might know this intellectually through the memes you see scrolling through facebook, but are you truly living as if time is your MOST valuable resource?  “Someday” is often the biggest lie we tell ourselves.  Coaching helps “someday” come much faster!    

If using your time, money, attention, energy and resources more wisely and achieving your goals and dreams is something you’ve considered…I’d love to connect and learn more about you!


My happiness multiplies when I help people clean up their mind and life to explore what’s possible in their lives.  

I’d love to hear from you if you’re ready!   🙂